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1st Sept - 20th Oct 2021

Celebrate diversity and inclusion in childhood by sharing photos and stories of cuddly toys as unique as the children they bring comfort to.

Post a photo of a comfort toy or blanket that makes life more ‘bear-able’ on your Instagram Profile. Include its name, story and #IBelongToo on your Instagram Profile and tag a friend and @kinderfli

Open to all countries.  
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I Belong Too

Here at Kinderfli we see diversity and differences in children, as something to be held in high regard – not merely tolerated. However, due to the distress physical or neurological ‘differences’ can cause children living in a world geared towards the ‘typical,’ inclusive modulatory interventions and supports are needed to prevent children’s differences from disabling them and stopping them  from reaching their full potential.  We have made it our mission to support and empower parents of all children and provide inclusive nutritional and lifestyle solutions to nurture every spark.

Alda Smith, The Firefly Theory

Neurological, mental and immune conditions and differences in children represent a significant and growing challenge.

Up to

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of children experience mental health conditions

According to the World Health Organisation, 10-20% of all children experience what is still classified as mental health conditions such as behavioural disorders (e.g., ADHD); developmental and learning disorders (e.g.,dyspraxia DCD, dyslexia and autism spectrum disorder); and emotional disorders (e.g.,anxiety and depression).


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the world population suffers from allergies. 


children and adolescents are diagnosed with cancer

Each year, approximately 400,000 children and adolescents are diagnosed with cancer, which, despite an 80% cure rate, is still the leading cause of death in children from high-income countries.

But why?

Why are the numbers growing?

Why do we see so many co-occurring conditions in children? Why, despite so many medical advances, do we still not have any concrete answers? How can we prevent disease or support differences in such a way that it does not disable children or their carers?

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Graphic Kinderfli Ignite Book about Parenting Neurodiverse Children
We at Kinderfli believe the most significant driving forces behind the escalation in the number of children whose potential is not optimised are:
  • Changes in our diets and lifestyles.

  • The lack of child development and health literacy to adequately deal with these changes.

  • The absence of an accepted ‘universal truth’ in optimising neurological development and immune priming in children.

  • The lack of research focusing on the ‘invisible’ parts of the human body.

  • Shortages in appropriate, collaborative support and solutions.

Access to, or selecting appropriate support can also be difficult and overwhelming for parents.

The Firefly Theory boils dysfunction and illness down to the universal idea that if one or  more of the ESH-Triangle pillars are negatively affected by lifestyle, diet and/or  environmental factors, our children’s health and development can suffer.

The Firefly Theory - A child’s energy system health (ESH) is upheld by three key, co dependent pillars: 
  • DNA
  • Nutrients
  • Stimulation
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Terms and Conditions

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Only comfort toys of children between the ages of 0 and 12 can be entered

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Photography session winners will be selected on merit on 31 October 2021 – i.e. the most inspiring toys and stories. The judges’ decision is final.

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